Who I Am

Luxetales 2014


Hi, my name is Valerie and I’ll be your very personal luxury lifestyle advisor.

This is my blog and here you’ll find a lot of gorgeous and breathtaking faces, places and traces to the ultimate experience of luxury and its essentials.

Some of them are coming from my personal know-how and when that’s the case, I’ll highlight it, and so you’ll know that’s something verified for my part.

Others are just things I stumble upon on the net or in the press, or just things people have shared with me. I’ll make sure you know that too, at all times!

So before we move on, let me share a few things about me:

  • I’m spoiled – not in the reality of it but just born with that feeling of uniqueness and possession of distinctive character that’s meant for great deeds… Well, if you’ve ever felt that, you’ll know what I’m talking about and you’ll love that blog.

  • I’m romantic – I absolutely adore the candlelight (and the fireplace), the sparkling wine (and strawberries), the sea (and the beach), that special someone who knows and feels your every tiny emotion and heartbeat (true friendship falls here too).

  • I’m a fashionista and a shopaholic! All that designer brands, all the beauty retreats, the gourmet restaurants, fast cars, jets, yachts and beautiful homes make me just blissful.

  • I’m a party girl – there’s nothing more refreshing than a Bellini at a Sunday brunch after a late Saturday night, right?!

  • I love Friday! Not because it’s the start of the weekend but because it delivers the supreme feeling of liberation…

So now that you know me, I can peacefully leave you with my thoughts. Ta-ta!


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