As the World Cup passed by this month, I started reflecting on the importance of sports in our lifestyle. There’s no modern person without at least a year gym or health club membership and as sport obsession grows, the variety of activities becomes more innovative.

There is no better time than summer to make that big step towards healthy lifestyle and explore the alternatives to traditional year-round gyms. Here’s my top 5 of the best summer activities that help you get the body you want while enjoying the summer luxuries: open-air, sea, sand and sun :)

1. Flyboard

For all of you who like extremes and adrenalin, who love the sea, water or Jet Ski, this is the ultimate adventure. It’s almost surreal: the freedom of the birds combined with the ergonomics of a dolphin gives you an incredible sensation. You fly, you dive, and you’re superhuman! Special thanks to inventor, Franky Zapata, a world Jet Ski champion who invented this fun sport only 3 years ago. Today its growing popularity is justified in World championships and has turned it into a definite “nautical discipline”. Aside from being super fun and easy to learn, the flyboard doesn’t require any specific physical strength but helps improve balance and maximizes calorie burn. For the most enthusiastic fans, there is the customized flyboard option that personalizes your equipment and for those who love to impress there are professional flyboard team rentals, used for weddings, team buildings or just any memorable event…

2. Beach Yoga

The peaceful mind and body workout is even greater when practiced on the beach. At sunrise or sunset, when the sea reveals its greatest beauty, the exercise combines physical and spiritual training to reach a divine balance. Many studios offer yoga summer camps that combine yoga practices with ayurvedic cuisine and meditations-what better way to enjoy a really blissful healthy holiday! Added benefits include a combination of over 80 wholesome minerals for better skin, sound sleep and strengthened immune system!

3. Kangoo Jumps

The popular rebound exercise is a great alternative to all cardio activities. It’s fun, easy and extremely effective for weight loss and toning. In the summer it can be practiced outdoors and for the advanced, a pair of kangoo boots is a must in their holiday luggage.  Not only they use it for jumping, but also for walking, jogging and rehabilitation. It helps increase endurance, agility and balance while training all body muscles simultaneously.

4. Beach Tennis

Tennis is exactly 140 years old, whereas beach tennis is still a teenager :) This year it turns 14. The naughty tennis kid revolutionized the idea of tennis and made it even more addictive. One of the most entertaining beach sports is gaining popularity and gathers people of all ages for a fun workout in the sun. There are even hopes to get it into 2020 Olympics! While it’s a bit different from the regular sport (it’s a merge between beach volleyball and tennis), it adds a challenge for both volleyball and tennis players. The best thing is that even if you’ve never played tennis or volleyball, you can easily catch up with the basic essentials and enjoy a great lighthearted exercise.

5. Scuba Diving

The best combination between swimming as a workout and finding time for yourself, enjoying the beauty of underwater world! As a bonus, it burns more calories than fast walking which makes it a great recreational activity.  It takes a little more time to learn than any other summer sport but it’s definitely worth it. Some of the best scuba diving places on Earth are in Thailand and Indonesia where the good time is guaranteed from any perspective. Many people find scuba and yoga very similar for their focus on breathing techniques and creating awareness for our surroundings, so if you’re up for inner peace, stress relief or just a peaceful gateway without stretching yogi style, scuba diving can be your best match.

Finally, there is a great way to add a bit of a healthy nutrition to these activities. It’s simple, refreshing and extremely effective, bound to make your body leaner and easy to follow in the heat of the summer. Keyword: juicing! Its amazing effect is visible from the first steps you take in the program. There is a lot of information on the subject in books or on the internet but keep in mind it’s not a substitute for your regular food plan. There are various options (5-day detox, 30-day challenge, 3-day cleanse, etc.) that get you acquainted with the numerous benefits of juices, smoothies and raw foods to keep your vitality at top levels without compromising with tasty treats. Here’s a simple, delicious home-made chocolate recipe to get you in the mood for safe calories:

4 tablespoons cocoa

4 tablespoons coconut oil

4 tablespoons agave / maple syrup

To make homemade chocolate use equal parts of the above ingredients. If you want it more liquid, add more coconut oil.

How to prepare – coconut oil is melted in water bath: if it is not already liquid. Remove from heat and add it to the cocoa and sweetener. Stir and enjoy!

It is important to note that it quickly becomes hard. If you want to use it as a topping, prepare everything in advance and when the chocolate is mixed, pour immediately. If you want to make candy molds, prepare forms and pour as soon as the mixture is ready. You can add any nuts and seeds to the home-made chocolate :)