What if I told you there were a magic place that looks like a mythical village from a children’s book? If you could sleep in a house made of mud and straws or stone and wood, eat fresh fish that you caught and picked the herbs for its preparation yourself – would you go for it?

We’ve most probably paid more than enough thousands for 5 or even 7-star holidays with an amazing service and first-class spoiling. We’ve seen it all – private jets, gold shower taps, diamond chandeliers, rotating beds, exotic spa services and haute cuisine…No matter how luxury a mans creation can be, nothing is more powerful than nature. However, when nature’s majesty meets human creativity, divine results transpire.

I just spent the most relaxing time in my life in a unique ecovillage, snuggled in the mountain woods.  Away from all the city madness, spread at over 120 acres, this celestial retreat resembles paradise! Two natural lakes and a pool add to the pleasure of being remote from the everyday fuss.

           Everything here is man-made.  The area used to be a swamp but the creative owners didn’t bother – for less than five years they turned it into a fairytale-like resort. The image came to their minds from the love for carving and that’s how every stone and tree trunk was turned into a sunbed, bench, table, chair or ingle-nook.  One can instantly feel the blessings of nature’s luxuries – fresh air, sun’s warmth, flower scents, birdsongs, savory snacks such as wild strawberries, blueberries, cherries and fresh honey; healthy drinks like herbal tea or homemade juices. Not only the friendly hosts prepare anything upon request but they also offer enough activities for every age and temper. You can peacefully enjoy a book in the hammocks by the pool or go mountain biking; play table tennis or volleyball; paddle on the lake or go mushrooming; go fishing or hiking; have a picnic by the lake or go horse-riding…



          The most exceptional in this car-free holiday village is its accommodation.  Seven houses, each designed differently, scattered away from each other around the ecstatic space, are to blame for the enchanting atmosphere of the parish. They may look odd or primitive on the outside but are equipped with all modern-day amenities on the inside. As you walk through the trees and cross the wooden bridges over the brooks, they appear one by one on secret paths in the woods. The peace and serenity are amazing – whether you look for a quiet gateway or a romantic weekend, a friends gathering or a corporate incentive trip, the place is perfect for seclusion or a memorable get-together for a group of maximum 20 people.

            The stressful routine we are experiencing on a daily basis, calls for drastic measures to maintain our inner balance. Healthy lifestyle goes beyond diet and exercise; it’s about finding time for ourselves, reflecting on our habits and sensing the connection to nature; being able to pause for a while and remember where we’re all coming from. Obviously, there’s no better way to do that than visit a place like this…






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